Bulk SMTP server for e-mail newsletters

Dedicated IP, tools, stats, optimize the recipient list, friendly support and much more

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Correct SMTP service

Effective newsletters

A dedicated IP reputation and server set up a distribution guarantee delivery of the letters to each recipient. Statistics overview real-time quality monitoring 24/7 and additional tools will retain deliverability at the working level.

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With extensive experience in the field of email marketing, I can say that it is important to be aware of everything. - John
Todos illustration
Todos illustration

Friendly support

Support team around the clock helping customers connect the server in the program to send, choose a suitable data plan or get advice. Recommendations for mailing lists increase results from email marketing by 22% on average.

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Support enabled enable e-mailing in sheet mandatory events. - Mark

New tools

The first SMTP service with the possibility of pre-validation of recipients. Validation will detect and exclude undesirable recipients while maintaining the deliverability of the server and 5-35% of quota. Multilevel verification will ensure the accuracy.

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Working tool always attracts new clients and we are including. - George
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