Reliable SMTP server for email newsletters

Professional SMTP server to send emails with large possibilities.

Quick start

Start sending without waiting


Well-coordinated work of our systems, we can synchronize more than 50 stages of preparing and issuing SMTP server in less than 10 minutes.

Full readiness

After passing the mandatory testing phase, you get a turnkey bulk mailing SMTP server that does not require additional configuration.


Analyze in real time

Detailed metrics

Sent, delivered, delivery errors, with the possibility of discharge, days statistics, the rate of deliverability and all this in real time.

List unsubscribers

Tools to help automate the process of unsubscribing, which positively affects your mailing, data is available for.


Your maximum inbox

Dedicated server

You are provided with an individual server to perform mailings. High sending speed due to the use of 100% of the available server resources.

Fresh IP address

Supplied IP addresses are not in black lists and have a positive reputation. Maximum efficiency regardless of other users.

SPF and DKIM records

On the server contains SPF, DKIM, DMARC, PTR, significantly increases delivery to the Inbox.

World standards

Emails sent from our servers accept all postal services around the world, without exception.

Validation e-mail

Real mailing recipients

Optimization of recipients

Check your recipient list of a new tool validator e-mail to exclude non-existent addresses.

Improve deliverability

Distribution according to current recipients will keep sending quota and deliverability.


Your data is protected

Data encryption

When connecting to the server, you are using a secure TLS connection, secure reliable encryption.


Several times a day we do backups of all our systems and store these data for the last 30 days.


Stable and trouble-free work

Condition monitoring

We track the availability of the server to connect to and display this information in your account.

Reputation Monitoring

Displays the reputation of IP addresses of the server allows you to implement high-level mailing.

The system Automatically

SmartSMTP Service continually scans more than 10 key indicators of a server providing valuable advice in order to avoid mistakes and achieve maximum deliverability.

Always stable

Automatic SmartSMTP service technicians instantly informed about possible problems in the server, that allows to solve their as soon as possible.


Team of professionals will help everyone

Around the clock

Support around the clock ready to help or give effective recommendations.


We will respond to any queries to our support team answering all your questions without exception.

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