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  • What are your payment options

    We accept cards issued by any banks that are located in more than 80 countries. You can make payment using cards Visa / MasterCard To make a payment, please enter the required payment details. After this happens payment your payment.
  • Is there a system auto payment?

    On our service there is no auto payment of any services. You can buy a tariff plan on the fact of need SMTP server for delivery.
  • I can't make the payment.

    If you have problems making a payment, please contact your bank for lifting restrictions on the payment through the Internet.
  • Can I pay for virtual card payment systems?

    Yes, you need to request your payment system for retrieving data from the virtual card, then use a data card for payment.

Tariff plans

  • The period of validity of the tariff plan?

    In case of payment of the fare for one month validity period is 30 days from the date of payment. Quarter-90 days, six months or 180 days. After this period, your server becomes inactive, the remaining quota sending burns.
  • The extension of tariff plan

    You can renew or upgrade your plan at any time, the period of validity of the tariff plan, calculated from the date of payment.
  • The quota is over, but the rate is still active.

    You don't have to wait for the tariff plan, you can upgrade your server, as well as to increase the quota of send at any time.
  • What happens with unused quota send?

    Unused quota send burns and is not transferred to the next month. When placing a new order you will be given a quota in accordance with the description of the tariff plan.
  • Can I reduce my rate plan?

    Yes, you can both increase and decrease your tariff plan, depending on the desired volume of emails to send.

Personal account

  • The period of validity of your personal cabinet

    Your profile remains active, even in the absence of active orders or services.
  • How to change the password to access your account?

    To change your password to enter my Kaspersky account, you need to choose in your personal account section "personal data", then the change password menu. To change the password, you must know the current password to your account.

Validation list

  • What is validation?

    Validation e-mail is intended for the detection in your subscriber list a non-existent or invalid addresses, recipients (HARD and SOFT errors).
  • Why do I need validation?

    The list of validation necessary to achieve the maximum quality your base of subscribers, which is achieved by updating addresses, thus you only use existing addresses in the implementation process of the mailing list that allows you to save a reputation and send your server quota.
  • How long does it validate?

    Speed test address list is 10 000 e-mail/hour.

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